You can't manage what you can't measure.

He had an anxiety attack in the washroom this morning.  

She's two weeks from burning out. She just got promoted.

Animo uses AI to help individuals passively track their mental well-being and take actionable steps to improve it.


Quantify and predict



Understanding starts with yourself –Animo's Introspection feature provides each individual employee with a in-depth view of their own psychological well-being over time, and a prediction of how it might be affected in the coming weeks.   

Introspective Analysis


Meta Analysis

Animo's Meta feature enables organizations and employees to better understand how their teams are feeling – all while preserving individual anonymity.

Visualizing organization-level well-being, and providing deep insight into cause facilitates understanding and action.


Measurement without action is pointless. Animo's predictive engine enables proactivity. Proactivity means smooth scaling, flourishing employees, and a better bottom line. 


Animo makes each insight actionable and prioritizes those that matter most. When time is limited, deciding what to tackle first makes all the difference. 

'Animo' translated from Latin means 'mind' or to 'make alive.'


Animo exists to quantify the mind. We want to push our understanding of how we feel based on one of the most fundamental, yet complex, methods of expression – language.

To Make Alive

Early stage VCs invest not in ideas but founders – Animo was built to help founders continue that tradition, investing in their most valuable asset, their team. 

We built a tool that would be the difference between existing and not existing for startups, a tool that helps startups and startup founders breathe life into their ideas, to make them alive. We do that by helping startups better understand and improve themselves, on both a personal and a company level. 

We started with privacy and built from there.

Animo is built on the framework, Privacy by Design, developed by the renowned Dr. Ann Cavoukian to address issues of privacy in a digital age. Privacy by Design is seen as a global best practice, and forms a foundation for the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

What does this mean practically? It means we put employee privacy first. Animo provides value first and foremost by helping employees better understand and manage their psychological well-being.


See our Privacy page for a comprehensive breakdown of the Privacy by Design principles and practices that Animo was built with. 

We are committed not only to building exceptional products, but pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Animo’s predictive engine is built on the back of research by our team and advisors from the University of Toronto, Stanford, Harvard, the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Cornell and Cambridge. 

Animo works closely with academic institutions and researchers to push our understanding of psychology, mental health, psycholinguistics, and natural language processing forward. We didn't start Animo just to build a business, we did it to build a space where these topics are researched and translated into action for the benefit of all. 

Proprietary research is a core component of our product and business. We’re committed not only to building exceptional products, but pushing the boundaries of knowledge.



The founders behind Animo, graduates from the University of Toronto, and best friends.


We leverage our expertise in Natural Language Processing, Psychology and Social Network Analysis to build companies focused on our humanity in a digital age. Between the three of us we've designed and implemented health care systems in South East Asia, furthered academia's understanding of wisdom and meaning as psychological constructs, and built award-winning robotic prosthetic arms. 

Animo is the next step on our mission to craft a space for humanity in our increasingly techno-centric world.

– Quinn, Samin, Avery



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